Live a Life of Purpose!

My name is Jessica J, I am the founder of Be Encouraged Tees and I initially created these pieces solely for me.


My world started crashing all at once.

I was laid off from my Job.
My sister who is my best friend discarded me.
The fear of never being married and having kids paralyzed me.

It felt as if I was on an island and no one knew or could fathom my pain. It wasn't until God reminded me of his word that encouraged me to stand up and keep moving forward. His word reminded me that all things work together for my good (YES! - Even the ugly things)! Speaking these declarations over my life somehow changed me. Those perceived issues I was facing, no longer had much of an impact on me. God's word brought me out of many dark situations. So what started off as encouragement for me has now branched off into encouragement for anyone who needs it.

As a result of God's word - Romans 8:28 (All things work together for your good)
My job laying me off was the catalyst for launching Be Encouraged Tees.
My sister abandoning me gave me the strength to be self-reliant.
The Fear of never being married/having kids left me no choice but to trust in God's timing. 
Every negative moment that happened worked together for my good.

Although I'm still battling issues, I am comforted in God's word that he will see me through it. I also feel he will do the same for you. As the founder of Be Encouraged Tees, I know these Tees are a reminder of God's love, assurance, encouragement, and promises. 

If your story is in any way similar, let this be a reminder, that God loves you and he has placed purpose inside of you. When you see a Be Encouraged Tee, know that it is more than a Tee, the message on the Tee offers hope and it is my prayer that these Tees will offer the same to you.

Be Encouraged Tees is owned and operated in the heart of Tampa, Florida. We are devoted to delivering encouraging pieces that will spark a conversation about Jesus.